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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Day 2: Derby Day!

Woosh! I'm just back from spending an entire day at the Derby at the Epsom Downs Racecourse. It was amazing! So many people and things to see, the horses looked gorgeous and everything just seemed so much better due to the blazing heat.
Trekking down to the racecourse was a mission though. Thank goodness I wore this yellow baby doll dress from Zara (teamed with a belt from Primark - £2!). I left the cardigan at home though. And I did regret wearing the tights with it, but my legs aren't in any state that can be publicised to the general public.

It was ridiculously hot though! The sun was just bearing down on us and although we'd made sure we'd taken enough water to go around 7 people, just walking there was one of the hardest things I've done in a while. But was it worth it!
The downs was packed full with people, I mean tents and busloads of people. There were barbeques everywhere, a fun fair with at least 20 rides, little stalls where vendors were peddling their ware (blankets, sweets, clothese, shoes, etc). We kept walking into people pushing cadillac-themed baby prams yet we didnt find the stall that sold them. It was a massive party on the downs.
Further out, towards the racecourse were tents of people just relaxing in the sun, drinking, Pimmsing and grilling food.
The races were amazing to watch, people placing bets weren't disappointed and the horses looked great. Beautiful thoroughbreds with long legs and speedy gaits. Perfect!
So we had a great day at the Derby and on the way home we bought to tubs of ice cream which we devoured while sitting in the garden and playing cards.

All in all it was a brilliant day, I really enjoyed getting away from London and being with family. The weather was amazing and I hope it stays this way for a while
Got to run! hope your day was awesome

Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 1: 19 C and rising!

This project has set off to a bad start. In addition to using my entire wardrobe I thought I'd also start exercising more than the 3-4 sessions I've become accustomed to since starting my final year at uni. You know, get back into shape like in my pre-uni days when I'd exercise 7 - 8 times a week. So I set my alarm for six a.m. to get up and go for a run. That didn't happen. 6 a.m. came and went. I was still in bed by 8. So I've decided let's gym it at lunchtime and get back into a healthy lifestyle. Moving on!

Alright so I have a wardrobe full of clothes and I make the typical first timer error: pick out a neutral outfit that you know works for you. So it's a pair of fading black Mustang skinny jeans, a turquoise tank top and a blue soft cotton top (both H&M). To finish it off jewellery and blue-white stripey wedges. And shades. (All H&M)
I shop at H&M too much.

The mustang jeans are probably my favourite jeans in my wardrobe at the moment, however they're quite torn and the colour is fading due to multiple washes (I always forget to turn jeans inside out when doing laundry). The wedges are cute and quaint, and one of the few items my little sister and I both own (we stopped dressing identically at the age of 5).

Right, that's enough for a first post! Have a great day!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Let's get started!

Well this is exciting. Blogging for the first time and quite liking the idea of talking about myself. Alright let's get down to it!

Project Title: Use that wardrobe
Aim: utilise/combine/match/pair contents of an existing wardrobe to generate outfits for an entire month prior to donating a part of it to charity.

So today was laundry day. After a very long time. The clothes were piling up and I was running out of things to wear. On top of that, all of my rowing kit that had, at some point over the course of the last three weeks, been soaked in Thames water was rotting in this pile of clothes.

Ah, I can imagine getting a lot of criticism from those who have more respect for their clothes, but you see I'm a student, I don't necessarily have the time to separate and wash nor do I care enough half of the time. I know, I know.

So as you can imagine, doing my laundry is an exciting event in my social calendar and I cannot describe the feeling that dry, clean laundry evokes in me. I get so ahead of myself, I lay it out on my bed so that my linen ends up smelling of fabric softener and is toasty warm when I slip between the sheets. And a wardrobe full of clean, freshly washed clothes gets me so excited, I'd take pictures of it if only it wouldn't garner strange looks.
As I was folding all my warm laundry I had a brilliant idea (partly brought on by the guilt for my tendency of spending too much money on food and clothes). Why not utilise the contents of my wardrobe to create outfits I can wear for an entire month? Surely, this would teach me to value money and my clothes more, in addition to promoting creativity, originality and flexibility. Recently, I read an article in a fashion magazine about a fashion editor who wore the same dress for a number of days, teaming it with the right accessories and items and she seriously worked it well! Unfortunately, I don't have her expertise in the fashion area nor do I have the figure to pull off t-shirts teamed with tights only. But this isn't really about becoming famously fashionable.

So to sum up what I'm attempting to do: I'm going to create wearable outfits from the clothes I have (hopefully posting pictures of each outfit), mixing and matching everything I own, and accessoring with the jewellery I have but never use.
Here goes!