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Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 1: 19 C and rising!

This project has set off to a bad start. In addition to using my entire wardrobe I thought I'd also start exercising more than the 3-4 sessions I've become accustomed to since starting my final year at uni. You know, get back into shape like in my pre-uni days when I'd exercise 7 - 8 times a week. So I set my alarm for six a.m. to get up and go for a run. That didn't happen. 6 a.m. came and went. I was still in bed by 8. So I've decided let's gym it at lunchtime and get back into a healthy lifestyle. Moving on!

Alright so I have a wardrobe full of clothes and I make the typical first timer error: pick out a neutral outfit that you know works for you. So it's a pair of fading black Mustang skinny jeans, a turquoise tank top and a blue soft cotton top (both H&M). To finish it off jewellery and blue-white stripey wedges. And shades. (All H&M)
I shop at H&M too much.

The mustang jeans are probably my favourite jeans in my wardrobe at the moment, however they're quite torn and the colour is fading due to multiple washes (I always forget to turn jeans inside out when doing laundry). The wedges are cute and quaint, and one of the few items my little sister and I both own (we stopped dressing identically at the age of 5).

Right, that's enough for a first post! Have a great day!

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