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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fast post!

Term's done and Uni's finished, which means i'm free for two months now to do absolutely nothing. well not really, i've got to do some chemistry revision and stay up to date with all my biology so i'm in good shape for med school when i start this september.

But I've got time till then, and who says I can't enjoy myself after all the hard work of final year exams and final year lab projects and papers and stuff?
well that's what i'm doing!
and summer is all about lazing around and enjoying the good weather. and good weather means spending time outdoors. or at least not cooped up in your room doing nothing on facebook or just stalking random celebrities on twitter.
and with my folks that's never an opportunity.
my mother dragged me and my little sister to a shoe shop she's been raving about since the start of this month. and the place is actually a haven for women crazy about shoes but not too keen on emptying their bank accounts for decent footwear.

and it is there that i bought 3 new pairs of shoes all in one morning. yes three! that's a lot for me. i hardly ever splurge on shoes like that but my mum was paying so i was buying and buying and buying.

the first was the cutest ever pair of sandals in denim blue with beadwork in turquoise, brown and gold. perfect for summer at 19.90 euros. the second was an insane pair of strappy plateau heels (pictured) in black for 24.50 euros. The camel pair was absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately they'd run out of my size (7) and even the black pair was the last one to fit my giant feet. The third pair was a light brown pair of boat shoes at 13 euros.

so a total of approx. 58 euros spent on three pairs of shoes. which is amazing!! but that isnt the shocking bit. after we headed back to the car park with our goods, we realised we'd spent 2 hours shoe shopping. in one shop. 40 mins per pair of shoes.

i am a girl after all.
much love

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