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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Quick run through!

Ok i realise i haven't posted in ages which was not the point of this and its already july. so i'm just uploading a collage of all the outfits i've managed to take pics of over the past 3 weeks.
our uni's summer ball was on the 19th of june so i had to break my rule and get an outfit for that. after trekking through oxford st, westfield mall and up and down high street kensington i found it! the dress i was gonna wear to the ball. it was a little blue summery thing and i thought it wouldnt be formal enough until it struck me that combining it with a black knee-long blazer and a wide waist high belt might just pimp it up enough. teamed with black heels i was glad i'd gotten the dress. and it was from natura, this little spanish shop on high street ken, that does eco-friendly clothes and accessories (think boho and hippie jewellery and dresses). They had a 50% discount of most of their clothing and other items (summer sandals,jewellery, etc) so it was definitely a great buy and made me feel like i was doing something good despite endorsing my need to purchase yet again.
[blue mini-dress - natura, blazer - H&M, belt - Next accessories, heels - some shoe shop in Vienna]

so yeah enjoy
blog soon!

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  1. sorry about the bad picture quality. need to see into getting an actual digital cam rather than the tripe on the iPhone